Organize, Optimize & Streamline

Fredo: The AI-Driven Productivity Bot for WhatsApp.

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Meet Fredo
Harnessing AI to Streamline Your Tasks

Simplify Your Day​

Fredo can inspire you to create and develop your ideas, helping you maximize productivity.

Boost Productivity​

Combine your skills with Fredo’s tech and become a productivity machine!​

Get Things Done: Brain Dump​

Jot down thoughts, tasks and ideas in one place. Fredo does the organizing for you.

Accessible AI

Empower User​s

Gain access to AI tools effortlessly from a familiar place-WhatsApp, without switching between tools.

Seamless Integration

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Fredo is packed with amazing features just waiting for you to explore! Here are some of our most common questions answered:

Absolutely! With Fredo, integrating your notes into different productivity tools and email is seamless, thanks to the power of #hashtags.

Yes. Speak your command clearly, just as you would type it. Fredo will transcribe and then act upon your spoken instructions.

Just type “gpt” to Fredo followed by your prompt and you have initiated a GPT-4 session within WhatsApp!

Just type “image” to Fredo followed by your prompt and DALLE3 will generate the image for you on WhatsApp via Fredo.

Fredo is an AI-Powered productivity bot for WhatsApp enabling you to organize your day, Brain Dump your thoughts and maximise your productivity.