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Hello, world!
I’m Ron Gross, the founder of Fredo. Today, we’re celebrating a significant milestone as we launch this blog – a platform for us to share our experiences, insights, and the unique story of our mission.

Fredo isn’t just another productivity tool. Your productivity companion meets you where you are and effortlessly amplifies your existing workflows across multiple platforms. All this, to promote a state of mind that is balanced, calm, and focused. That’s the unique mission guiding everything we do at Fredo.

As we share our journey with you through this blog, we’re adopting a “building in public” approach. We’ll share our challenges, our victories, and our learnings, with openness and transparency at the heart of it all. These are not just clichés for us.

You’ll hear from different team members, each sharing their unique experiences and perspectives. We believe in the power of community, in learning from each other, and in growing together.

Your input is invaluable to us. We’re building Fredo for you, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts, questions, and feedback (simply write “feedback” in Fredo). So, let’s celebrate this milestone together. Welcome to Fredo’s blog.

Some things we plan to cover in future posts:

  • Our journey over the last 2+ years and forward
  • My own unique journey as a Founder with an uncommon emphasis on work-life balance, multiple concurrent startups, bipolar disorder, and enough money to bootstrap Fredo.

Stay tuned!

  • This post was crafted with ChatGPT. If you’re writing posts without it, you’re missing out.

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