Imagine a world where your day flows seamlessly, tasks fall into place effortlessly, and cognitive overload is relegated to the past. In the realm of personal organization and productivity, Fredo is your go-to AI personal assistant for WhatsApp.

Meet Fredo

The AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot that’s rewriting the rulebook on how we manage our daily lives. But Fredo isn’t just a chatbot; he’s a vision brought to life and he brings with him a new approach to productivity.

A Symphony of Integration

Fredo harmonizes effortlessly with your email, calendar, productivity apps, and even your trusted contacts. It’s not just about connecting; it’s about orchestrating your digital world to perfection, elevating multitasking to new heights.

Let Fredo remind you and friends and family on your behalf

What Fredo Can Do

1. Notes:
Fredo Notes is a compact thought organizer designed for easy note-taking and task management within WhatsApp, facilitating quick and straightforward chats and notes. Enabling smooth syncing with your favorite productivity apps such as Todoist,, Trello, Workflowy, and email, with upcoming Notion integration. This tool simplifies keeping track of tasks and notes right from your chat.

Fredo helps you organize your tasks and brain dump your thougths

“I’m in love with Fredo… I think my [WorkFlowy] audience will love Fredo too. I’m happy with I’ve gotten oout of it so far “— Frank, Host of WorkFlowy Academy

2.Voice Messages:
In a meeting and can’t listen to a voice message? Need to read and not hear a message? Forward it to Fredo for transcription and summarization, keeping you in the loop always.

Convert your words and voice messages into text

3. From Pixels to Words:
Fredo extends its talents beyond text. Send a photo of text, and Fredo will convert it into written words for you.

The power of OCR — extract text from images using Fredo

4. AI tools — GPT-4 and DALL·E 3:
Integrating with GPT-4 and DALL·E 3, Fredo enhances its language processing and image creation capabilities, enabling advanced conversations and dynamic visual interpretations.

Bring your imagination to life with DALLE3 and Fredo

5. TL;DR: Ask Fredo to summarize long articles for you.

Get summaries of articles in seconds and even in a voice message

5. Reminders:
Fredo transforms your messages into timely reminders, ensuring you never miss important tasks. Fredo schedules alerts for you, making it a reliable assistant for managing your commitments.

Set reminders to yourself and your friends and colleagues — get a WhatsApp message when the time is right

Whatsmore, he takes it a step further by allowing you to remind friends and colleagues. It sends timely WhatsApp messages on your behalf, ensuring your message reaches the right person at the right moment, enhancing collaboration and communication.

6. Time Block:
Fredo helps you manage your schedule by time-blocking important tasks or downtime directly on your calendar. Just specify your needs, and let Fredo organize your day, ensuring you have dedicated slots for work and relaxation, optimizing your time management.

7. Chat links:
Fredo simplifies messaging unsaved contacts by generating a clickable chat link when you send a phone number to it. Just tap on the link Fredo provides in your conversation to start chatting instantly, eliminating the need to save numbers.

8. Voice commands — go hands-free: Navigate Fredo without lifting a finger. Use voice commands for all of Fredo’s functionalities, offering an even more streamlined experience.

New features constantly being developed!

In summary

Bringing it all together, Fredo stands as a vital ally in our information-saturated world. Fredo empowers you to reach new heights of productivity and efficiency. By assuming the mental load of organizing and planning, Fredo frees your mind to focus on what truly matters, unlocking your potential and making you not just efficient but truly unstoppable. With Fredo, you gain more than an organizational tool; you gain a partner in navigating the complexities of daily life.

Try Fredo — it’s free

Discover a whole new world of productivity from right inside WhatsApp. Get Fredo now.

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